Instrument Rental

Here at Mike Nye Instrument Repair, we are excited to tell you about our new rental program. In years past, we have always thought of renting as a great way to start your child on an instrument, as it offers flexibility, if they change their minds. BUT, once the player makes up their minds, it is truly throwing money out the door unless you flat out cannot afford to buy one. Many rental programs offer rent to own, with many stipulations, i.e. only rental portion goes towards the retail purchase price, or half the price, or you ending owning that one, or a different one and such. We are now partnered with a group that offers something not currently available in this market.

I will break it down for you:

You click on the RentMyInstrument logo on our website or the logo to the right. rent It takes you to the rental site. You pick what you want, they send it to you or us (or we already have one in stock). Fill everything out, and down the road you go. What makes this different you ask?

  1. You sign a contract for the retail price, but it's still month to month.
  2. It's not as cheap as the other usual programs, but hang on.. I'll get you to the great part, I promise.
  3. You can switch instruments any time.
  4. (Here is the great part I told you about...) After the first payment, you can at any time, pay off HALF the remaining balance of the contract !! For example, with this 36-month rental agreement of $38.00 per month ($1,368.00 in total rent payments), if you choose to purchase the instrument after making your first month rental payment, your early purchase amount would be just $665.00.
  5. Name brand instruments at great payoff prices. We will be carrying the Jupiter line mainly.
  6. Intermediate level instruments also available.

WHY is this better?? I am glad you asked. Once you are sure they want to stay with that instrument, you just pay it off at a price cheaper than you can likely find it new online. This is not for everyone, as some can’t afford to ever pay one off and some prefer to just rent from our friends and just rent at a cheaper rate, and that is always great. We usually have used rebuilt quality brands already with new pads and corks for just a little more than a year’s rental from those shops, so keep that in mind as well.