Specials - Instruments for Sale

(*prices & availability subject to change)

I always have a constant supply of pre-owned lightly used instruments in and out of the shop. I can also get most brands new at reduced prices, better than most store prices. Please email or call for prices and availability. I have on hand, new Forte Clarinets and Cannonball Saxes. For great prices on new and used Trumpets, Trombones, Flutes, Clarinets, Alto, Tenor and Soprano, call or email us today.

The new instruments lines I carry are among the best players available anywhere. All are the best bang for the buck. -CASH PRICES AVAILABLE- Call us!

And now - NO Interest, Layaway available for ALL instruments for sale. Lock in your prices NOW!!


BRAND NEW! Special Purchase - Only one in stock! Pearl Alto Flute. BOTH Curved and Straight Head Joints. $1600 or $1500/cash
NEW** Di Zhao DZ-700 Flute - MAP Listing $2198 DEEP Discounts for Cash.
NEW** Di Zhao DZ-201 Student Flute! $675
NEW** Di Zhao 600 Series Flute! Fantastic for younger people. Amazing prices on all Pearl Flutes - $CALL$
NEW** Pearl PF-500 Flute - $500 or $450 cash
NEW** Mio by Cannonball Flute - $425 or $375/cash
NEW** Grenadite by Guo Flute - in Black. Very competative price! Come check it out!
NEW** New Voice Bass Flute by Guo - in Gray. Must see!
NEW** New Voice Flute by Guo - in Gray- Amazingly priced!
NEW** Resona by Burkart R300 Flute - OEC and 14k Riser - $4000 or $3900/cash
Pre-Owned Bundy Student Flute - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Gemeinhardt Student Flute - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Olds Student Flute - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Bundy Student Flute - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Gemeinhardt. Great Flute - $550 or $500/cash
Pre-Owned Gemeinhardt Open Hole - $500 or $450/cash


New** XHDO1 High Quality Chinese Wood Pic - Straubinger Pads - $650 or $600/cash
New** Pearl Piccolo $1100 or $1050 cash
NEW** Resona by Burkart RPIC-S Piccolo - $2500 or $2400/cash Add in wave HJ for $200
New** Di Zhao Wood Piccolo - Amazing Price! Come see it today!
NEW** New Voice Piccolo by Guo - in Gray -Priced to sell
New** Guo Piccolo - Fun Pic to try - Comes in several colors - $625


Pre-Owned LeBlanc Bass Clarinet - $1350 or $1300/cash
Pre-Owned LeBlanc Classic Wood Clarinet - $600 or $550/cash
Pre-Owned Buffet E11 - Great Condition - $750 or $700/cash
Pre-Owned Buffet E11 Wood Clarinet - $550 or $500/cash
Pre-Owned Wurlitzer Clarinet - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Selmer Signet Wood Clarinet - $450 or $425/cash
Pre-Owned Belmonte Clarinet - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Many Bundy Plastic Student Clarinets - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Nuerenberger Wood Clarinet - $300
Pre-Owned Many Vito Clarinets - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Normandy Clarinet - $275 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Conn Plastic Clarinet - $250


NEW** ALL Firebird Saxes - Amazingly great Pro sax at a great price. - $CALL$
***** Firebird Alto and Tenor Saxophones - $1850 or $1800 CASH
NEW** Chateau VCHA920L Alto Sax - Best Price in Town
NEW** Antigua Alto Sax - Great sound! - $900 or $850/cash
NEW** Cannonball Alto - Raven - Iced Black Nicke Plated - Big Bell - Lowest price around!
NeW** Cannonball Alto - Vintage Reborn Series - Amazing Sound - Call for price.
Like New - Excellent Condition - Selmer Paris series ii SA80 - Black leather kangaroo pads
Maesto Custom Resonators - Plays perfect - REDUCED PRICE! - $2500
Pre-Owned Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax - Great Condition - Must See! - $4500 or $4400/cash
Pre-Owned Yamaha Tenor Sax - $800 or $750/cash
Pre-Owned Buesecher Aristocrat Tenor Sax - $600 or $500/cash
Pre-Owned Bundy Tenor Sax - $550 or $500/cash
Pre-Owned Armstrong Tenor Sax - $550 or $500/cash
Pre-Owned Bundy Tenor Sax - $475 or $450/cash
Pre-Owned Barrington Alto Sax - $425 pr $400/cash
Pre-Owned Beuscher Alto All Original (1 new pad flet and cork) - First $400 takes it! Pre-Owned Buescher Tenor Sax - $350 or $325/cash
Pre-Owned King Zyphr Alto Sax - $350 or $300/cash
Pre-Owned Yamaha 475 Alto Sax - Very good condition! - $950 or $900/cash
Pre-Owned King Alto Sax - $600
Pre-Owned Conn Alto Sax - $450 or $400/cash
Pre-Owned Bundy Alto Sax - $350 or $325/cash
Pre-Owned Bundy Alto Sax - $350 or $325/cash
Pre-Owned Bundy Alto Sax - $325 or $300/cash
Pre-Owned Lyon and Healey Alto Sax - $400 or $350/cash
Pre-Owned Lyon and Healey C Melody - Completely overhauled - $350 or $300/cash
Pre-Owned Cannonball Brute Curved Soprano Sax - Amazing horn! - $1700 or $1600/cash
Pre-Owned Firebird Soprano - Saxello Style with stand - $1500 or $1400/cash
Pre-Owned Antigua Soprano Sax - $1100 or $1000/cash


**NEW** Antigua F Attachment Tenor Trigger Trombone - $1000 or $950/cash
Pre-Owned King 2B (No Trigger) Trombone - Great Condition - $800
Pre-Owned Bach Strad Trombone - Great Condition! - $1400 or $1200/cash
Pre-Owned Olds Trombone - $400 or $350/cash
Pre-Owned King 3B F Attachment Trombone - $1200 or $1100/cash OBO
Pre-Owned Olds Trombone - $400 or $375/cash
Pre-Owned Getzen Silver Trumpet - Amazing Horn! Must see it today!! $800 or $750/cash
Pre-Owned LA Olds Super Trumpet - Amazing Sound - $1600 or $1500/cash
Pre-Owned Olds Fullerton Mendez - Near Mint Condition - $1400 or $1300/cash
Pre-Owned King Liberty Trumpet w/C and Bb tuning slides - Plays great! - $600 or $500/cash
Pre-Owned Reynolds Trumpet - Smooth player - $650 or $600/cash
Pre-Owned Buescher Trumpet - Great sound! - $550 or $500/cash
Pre-Owned Conn Trumpet - $300 or $275/cash
Pre-Owned Rotary Trumpet - Fun to play! Comes w/MP - $300 or $250/cash
Pre-Owned Getzen Eterna Flugel Horn - Great Horn - $850 or $800/cash
Pre-Owned Couesnom Silver Flugel Horn - Plays amazing! - $725 or $675/cash
Pre-Owned Marching Baritone from The Academy - $1000
Pre-Owned Mellophones - Sweet Deal! - $200


Rovner Tenor Sax Ligature - $40
Theo Wanne Clarinet MP and Ligature and Case - $250
Otto Link NY-6 Metal Mouth Piece - $200
Selmer Mark VI Tenor Neck - $800
Pre-Owned Protec Trumpet case, holds 2 Trumpets - $80
Pre-Owned cases for flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and saxophones - Call!!
Various Stands both metal and wood
Pre-Owned Tenor Cases from ASU
Alto/Sop Sax Doubler Suitcase $175
Corsair Samick Bass Guitar - Great condition - Has case - $150