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Woodwind & Brass Repairs done Quick & Right, and Yes ...Affordable too!

Located in Tempe, AZ since 1996. We strive to do the highest quality work at a reasonable price. 943 E.Guadalupe Road, Tempe, AZ 85283 Please call us at: 1.480.752.3260

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New Rental Option

Mike Nye Instrument Repair, located in Tempe, Arizona since 1996, strives to do the highest quality work at a reasonable price. We now offer a vastly different rental program that offers you the opportunity to purchase the instrument, after your first payment, for half the remaining balance. Click on the RentMyInstrument logo below to get started.


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If you cannot afford to buy one, we understand. We also offer a lay away program to help you. 25% down and four months to pay off the other 75%. When you rent, ONLY the rental portion of the payment goes towards the RETAIL price of the instrument. They are not ripping you off, they are doing business and have to make money to keep the doors open. However, you can save a bundle by buying used or new today.


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New business hours: Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm. Saturday hours for drop off and pick up only. No tech on site.
We are laser focused to give you only the repairs needed. Nothing more, nothing less. We do our very best to keep things affordable without compromising quality. We only carry accessories we need to, which helps us keep your costs down. NOBODY in the valley stays as current with training, tools, equipment and techniques. It also helps keep the turn around down.

No Interest, Layaway available for ALL instruments for sale.
Go to the Instrument Specials page to check it out. Up over here...

We are pleased and proud to be partners with some amazing charities that do great things for our community. Desert Sounds & Restore Arts both collect and distribute instruments to kids who otherwise cannot afford one. Honor House's Instruments 4 Success collects them for wounded vets that need another outlet for expression. All of these organizations do great things. Please consider clicking on their links, reading about them and possibly helping in whatever way you can.


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