Woodwind Care


Never clean your clarinet with alcohol.

You may wipe down after each playing time with a polish cloth available at retail outlets or from me.

Stay away from the edge of the pads. If you wipe away the skin, the pads will need replacing. Good for me, bad for you.

Swab out the bore after playing, to keep the moisture away from the pads. You may purchase pad savers (fuzzy sticks) to use in the bore of the Clarinet. Do not use on Wood Bodies.

You should clean the barrel, mouthpiece and bell section monthly with warm soapy water. Rinse well. This is ONLY for plastic Clarinets.

Look at the instrument occasionally to be sure the screws are not working loose. Tighten loose screws enough to keep the key in place but not so tight to make it bind.

Use good quality cork grease. Do not overuse this. It can and will ruin pads. I carry good grease.

Do not oil your keys or the bore of your wood instrument. This is my job.

Brush your teeth before playing. This will save you a lot of expense later.

Do not leave your instrument on a chair or the bed. Snapped joints start around $150 minimum.

When putting together and taking apart, keep hands away from key-work as much as possible. You may bend keys otherwise.


Wipe off the sax with a soft cloth.

Remove mouthpiece from the neck. Always.

Wipe off the neck and swab it out. Put it in an old sock, or at least away from the body so it doesn't bounce around inside the case.

Remove the reed and clean the moisture from the mouthpiece with a soft cloth.

Wipe off the reed and place it in a reed holder.

Place your end cap on the neck receiver.

You may use a high quality pad saver in the bore if you wish. Bad quality ones leave string all through the instrument. I carry good ones.

Use a good quality cork grease for the mouthpiece to go on the neck.

Brush your teeth before playing. You will save a lot of expense later.

Do not pick up the saxophone by the bell only. This can cause more costly repairs.


Avoid the keys while putting together and taking apart.

If pads sound clicky or sticky, use a quality cleaner such as pad juice or some Yamaha Powder Paper.

Only adjust Head Cork if you know what you are doing. All other adjustments are to be made by a qualified repair tech.

NEVER leave your Flute on a chair or on your bed. Bent bodies are VERY EXPENSIVE to straighten out and somebody WILL sit on it.

I will do all the key oiling.

Do not use any grease or oil on the joints where it goes together. This only helps once and makes all future attempts even harder.

Swab out after each use. A pad saver of high quality is fine to use.


If you have any questions regarding the care of you Brass or Woodwind Instrument, please don't hesitate to call, email or write.